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Updated on: February 16, 2021
Frequently Asked Questions
1) Omnibot does not move with Master Control Unit (MCU).
A) Is Omnibot power switch ON?
B) Is MCU (Master Control Unit)power switch ON? Do you see the RED light?
C) Is MCU antenna extended?
D) Wrong Mode selected? Place in R/C.
E) Robot didn't Home - All Axis did not return to a starting state. (See Question #21) Omnibot 2000
F) Check alkaline batteries (Omnibot & MCU)
G) Check Fuse
H) 6-volt Lead Acid battery needs charging.
I) Check motor switches on the back of the robot. Omnibot 2000
2) There is feedback when operating in R/C or PROGRAM.
A) Volume too high.
B) MCU too close to Omnibot.
3) Omnibot does movements you did not program. ( In program mode playback)
A) Clean heads/capstan/pinch roller on tape deck.
B) You could be getting interference form other items.
4) Omnibot does not travel in a straight line.
A) Adjust steering with small screwdriver in back of unit
B) See question 10.
Note: It has been found that some units have this installed but not hooked up.
5) No robot sounds
A) Clock Display must be in Time of Day (with Diamonds flashing)
B) The "AA" batteries are dead or not installed.
C) "AA" Contacts in Robot are Damaged.
D) Volume switch is turned down
6) Tape won't start from Master Control Unit
A) Clock Display must be in Time of Day (with Diamonds flashing)
B) The "AA" batteries are dead or not installed.
7) When I press MCU (Master Control Unit) I see a red light next the B/C on my robot.
A) The Lead acid battery is discharged to 5.7 volts or below. Recharge Battery (See Question 14)
8) I have lost my charger, What are the specs for the charger?
A) 6VDC @ 500ma Center post Negative
B) You can buy a Charger from my Online Store
9) I have lost the Home Pad, Do I need it?
A) No, it is not a needed part of the robot.
10) I had my Omnibot 2000/Omnibot or Robie Sr. open and noticed that the steering adjustment was not hooked up.
A) The circuitry was improved so that steering adjustments are no longer necessary for your model.
11) I try running a program from tape and it skips/misses commands.
A) Tape must be less than 60 minutes in length. 30 Minutes per side
B) Clean the head of the tape player.
12) What is the difference between Omnibot and Omnibot 2000.
A) Taller, Omnibot Height is :15 inches ( Omnibot 2000 Height is: 25 inches )
B) Omnibot 2000 has head movement, left/right
C) Omnibot 2000 has arm/wrist/finger movement.
D) Omnibot 2000 a high/low gear for floor movement.
E) Omnibot 2000 has back panel for extra Accessory connections
13) How can I order parts like a battery or charger from you?
A) Go to my Online Store
14) What is the charge time for the Omnibot or Omnibot 2000 (6 Volt 5 Ah) Lead Acid Battery?
A) Charge no more than 8 hours after B/C light comes on robot. (With 6 Volt 500 mA AC Charger)
15) I have tried everything on your F.A.Q, but still can't get my Robot to work.
A) Contact me Via Contact Form
B) Let me know you READ my F.A.Q
16) When I turn on the Robot, the wrist makes clicking sounds and keeps spinning.
A) The sensor might be bad in the wrist. - I do repair work. Send me an email*
17) When I turn on the Robot (Omnibot 2000),the head makes clicking sounds and is spinning.
A) The sensor might be bad in the head. - I do repair Work
18) What are the Specs for Omnibot Family (Battery) Original?
Type: Sealed Lead Acid
Output Rating: 6 Volts @ 4.0aH
Physical Size: 2 3/4" L x 1.3/4" W x 4" H
Connection: Barrel Type Center Post (Negative)
19) What are the Specs for Omnibot 2000 Eye Lamps
Type: Unknown
Output Rating: 2.8 Volts @ 200 mA
Danger do not exceed 3 Volts @ 250mA
20) My Robot needs Repair, Do you know who can repair it?
Yes, I repair robots please use my Send me an email*
20) The Fuse on the robot blew?
Check that your battery is wired correctly.This Robot requires Barrel Type plug center Post (Negative).
21) What is the sequence the Omnibot 2000 robot follows when starting up. 'It's Homing sequence'
  • Drive Gear
  • Shoulder
  • Wrist
  • Fingers
  • Head
    Note: All axis must return home for you to be able to control the robot. Please review my Video

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