This robot was made in the mid 80's by a company called TOMY.
Omnibot Home Page

Omnibot This is an Omnibot
It has the following options that make it so great:
It can move Forward/Reverse/Left/Right. 
It's left arm / right arm is poseable. 
Has a digital clock with alarm. 
Remote has a microphone that allows your voice to speak from the robot. 
Tape deck to play cassette or record. 
  • Programs
  • Music
Eyes Light up when you speak into the microphone or when playing an audio tape. 

Stands 14  inches tall 

Omnibot Remote This is the remote for the Omnibot . 
This allows you to send commands to the robot. 
*Without it you can't use the Robot. 
  • Power Switch On/Off
  • Direction
    • Forward
    • Back
    • Left
    • Right 
  • Tape Start/Stop
  • Omnibot Sounds
  • Push To Talk Button - Sends your Voice though the Robot.
Power Supply 
  • Four (4) "AA"  1.5 Volt Alkaline
  • 49.860 Mhz (US)
  • 27.145 Mhz (EC)
  • 40.680 Mhz (TAL)
Omnibot Tray This is a Tray. 
The robot holds this with his hands.
Home Base This is the Home base. 
It is used as a reference point when you are programing the Omnibot. 
Size: 10" X 10 "
Click on Image to Enlarge
* It is not a needed part
AC to DC Charger This is the Battery Charger.
It is used to charge the Lead Acid Battery.
Original Specs:
Input: 120VAC, 60 HZ, 10 Watts
Output: 6 VDC, 300mA
Center Post Negative
Battery with Leads This is the Lead Acid Battery.
It is used to power the Robot.
Output: 6 VDC, 4.0 Ah
Physical Size: 2 3/4" L x 1 3/4" W x 4" H
Terminals/Connector: Leaded wires with "barrell type" connector. (Center Post Negative)