Omnibot 5402 Programming features not working properly

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Omnibot 5402 Programming features not working properly

Postby MeowRobot » Wed Aug 18, 2010 12:56 pm

Hi, im a pround owner of an Omibot 5402 and i've been having problems with it recently.....

Just yesterday it was working perfectly (pop in Robie senior cassette and he executes the tape perfectly)

but when i tried to use that feature this morning it doesn't seem to work anymore :/
I can Talk (Ex: "hi I'm Robie senior") but when ever he gets to the movement parts of the robot instead of moving (or robots sounds) he sounds out the certain pitch(which corresponds to what ever motion it was)

when you switch back to R/C after attempting to use the program tape, you can hear a buzzing sound and he refuses move too (make the same pitch corresponding to each movement)

you can return it to normal by a quick switch off switch on
but it returns to "beep no go" when you attempt to play a program tape :evil:

:idea: Another note** to do some further detailing of the issue i decided to hook a "CD to cassette" adapter thingy in, and plug it to a near by computer and used this certain program from this website:
and it seems immediately after u switch it to program mode all the motor + robot sounds function perfectly
And the problem seem to have to do with the robot being unable to switch from talk mode to motor mode in program mode

(talk mode works perfectly in R/c when robot is not in "beep no go mode")

like i said he was working yesterday, but now its not, and i have no idea why D: :cry:

does any body have any solutions D: ?
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